David Bowie, 1947-2016

by Jamie Sanford on January 11, 2016

(Credit to the artist, Helen Green.)

Will and I spent some time this weekend watching a David Bowie video retrospective, on TV to celebrate the release of his new album. To hear about his passing this morning was shocking and sad.

I have very specific memories of him in Labyrinth, I think a lot of people in my age group felt their first pangs of sexual attraction and awakening seeing Bowie as Jareth – I’ve seen more admissions of this on social media today than I expected, and it delights me.


I explored Bowie over the years, and learning more about his mastery of waving the freak flag made me love him that much more. Being a slightly weird kid, a theatrical kid, he is an icon to be revered for naming it and claiming it.

He is also one of Trent Reznor’s biggest influences, a fact I cannot ignore, as the music of Nine Inch Nails has contributed so greatly to my life.


Rest in peace, starman.
David Bowie

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