Curious Tuesday…on Thursday.

by Jamie Sanford on April 30, 2010

I am participating in Gala Darling’s Curious Tuesday project.

Curious Tuesday 001

1. What is the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?

I was told in high school that I had well-placed features.  I always felt like it was sort of backhanded, like the girl wanted to say something to make me think it was a compliment? It was really odd, and I was in high school a LONG time ago, so clearly it stuck with me.


I visited my old high school last week, here's me with my well-placed features.

2. What’s your little-known talent?

I love to sing, most people don’t know about it because I don’t sing much anymore unless I’m alone and in the car.

3. What do you obsessively search for on eBay?

I haven’t done this for a while, but I used to search like crazy for gemstone pendants and silver chains to go along with them.  I have a beautiful collection of necklaces.


Example of one of my gemstone pendants. My husband actually bought this one for me on eBay.

4. When you were a child, who did you worship & want to be like?

Debbie Gibson!

Before you ask, YES, I did have the Electric Youth perfume.

5. What was your palate band? Otherwise known as the first band you heard that made you realise the world of music was larger than whatever the Top 20 singles were!

I wish I remembered. Being introduced to Nine Inch Nails before The Downward Spiral came out changed my musical life forever.

Trent 27.

From one of my last NIN shows at Webster Hall, NYC.

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