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Holiday Wishlist: Kelly Kreth

by Jamie Sanford on December 17, 2012

My friend Kelly Kreth is back to share her holiday wishlist! Mine is coming up later this week. Check out Kelly’s blog, You Might As Well.

Seasons Greetings Cyberfriends, you may remember me from my three-part holiday wishlist two years ago. While this year’s isn’t as lengthy, there are still some things I’ve been coveting that I’d like to share with you. Most are eager for a White Christmas, but my list will surely illustrate I’d much prefer a black, white and red one.

1-Because I have both a bladder disease (interstitial cystitis) and Lyme disease, there isn’t much I can drink except water and herbal tea. So I tend to drink seltzer daily but all those bottles take up such room in the fridge and getting cases delivered is expensive and time consuming. I recently came across the Sodastream seltzer machine which turns tap water into a fizzy delight in under a minute. I have a black, white and red color scheme in my home so I really love this one: Price range: $79.99-199.99

2-Continuing on this desire for only black, white and red things. You can see the extent of my disorder here and here, not to mention my tree:

I recently saw this nutcracker  on the cover of a Crate and Barrel catalog and bought it for my god-daughter because she collects them and this one is the coolest with tats on his guns. The Inked Nutcracker was $29.99 but appears to no longer be in stock.

3-I also love this decorative plate not only because of the color scheme, but also because of the subject matter and title: Yayoi Kusama Ceramic Plate: Women Wait for Love, But Men Always Walk Away, $45

4- A friend recently turned me onto the Persian artistic team of Icy and Sot. This print, again, thrills me not just because of the color scheme but also because of the theme.
Icy and Sot
Edition: Edition of 100
Media: Screen Print on paper
Year: 2012
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Price: € 80,00

5- Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs one of these and for only $5 you can get them as stocker stuffers for the whole family. In fact, the site, has some of the most creative and kitschiest things you will not only want but will also NEED. You can get every hard-to-please gift recipient on your list at least something they will love for only a five-spot.
6- I guess by now you are sensing a theme in the color scheme and the theme of heartbreak, limerence, loss and longing. So be it. I love this Haring-inspired ottoman and if you can live through the aural ear-rape from the site when you log and the hideous music starts, order it while it lasts. Keith Haring Men w/ Heart Ottoman, $325.00
7- Here’s an interesting story, the summary of which is here. In short I was thrifting at the local Salvation Army and came across a black and white figure vase that I coined my Lovely Lady. It reminded me of Gaultier of the early 90s so for $6 she was mine and resided in my dressing room/closet. Then by coincidence I happened upon others in the Museum of Art and Design gift shop and would now love a companion for my Lovely Lady. I love the black and white polka dot one. I think they’d like to dance with each other as I dress. 12″ Tall $80.00 each
8- I have wanted these Perrin Paris gloves for years.  GLOVES – QUELLE HEURE EST-IL ?, $565—
and also this clutch, and in fact my ex-boyfriend had promised he’d get it for me for my birthday, and he never did. But then again he promised a lot of things, like not to cheat and lie. Capital Clutch, $995
9- There is a Costco in Manhattan and while I don’t have a membership I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times with those that do. I would love my own membership: $55 for a year.
10- Although I was thankfully unaffected by Sandy, I do not have renters insurance and if damage had occurred it could have been financially devastating. I still haven’t ponied up and gotten it. It makes the perfect gift for anyone in the tri-state area.
11- And because everyone needs a little sparkle and shine on the holidays, this bag: Baggu Medium Leather Bag $160, $160.00
12- The smaller, more affordable version: Baggu Medium leather pouch, $40

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Guest Blogger: Temi from Tiger Tem’s Fashion Bites

by Jamie Sanford on January 19, 2011

Girl with a camera captures my heart immediately!

Today’s guest blogger is Temi from Tiger Tem’s Fashion Bites!  Her blog is fabulous overall, but I have to admit that the section focusing on her wedding was especially interesting to me – as it ties in with my work with Noritake, where I am exposed to much online wedding/bridal content.  Absolutely stunning, Temi has fantastic taste – and our opinions on 2011 Golden Globes fashion almost totally match up.

Thinking about a wishlist in mid-January really makes you focus on what you really, really want. After the excessive frenzy of parties, outings and gifts for the Xmas holidays with its inevitable consequence of doing a lot of shopping for yourself while you’re out getting gifts for others. Really, what else is a girl to do when confronted with nothing suitable for your BFF and a perfect fitting (insert appropriate item)…and it was the last one…and it was your size? Exactly.

So, I sat at my computer, gazing at my favourite Xmas present that I’ve gotten so much use out of already and started thinking about what I really, really would like.

I definitely feel very, very, very lucky. I have a life full of love, laughter, travel, great family, great friends, excitement, adventure and light.

So first on my list, is something that every winter I get very obsessive about. Fur. I have a fabulous faux fur collar that’s been worn with pretty much every coat and jacket I own this winter, a beige tweed jacket with a plush fur collar, the most gorgeous tan suede & leather fur lined boots that look a lot like these but with a 4-inch heel which I bought about 8 years ago (history repeats more often than we care to admit). Then there’s the faux fox gilet, the fur trimmed tweed gilet, the fluffy fox ear muffs….which by anyone’s account, is quite a lot of fur. But it’s the one thing that tops my list EVERY. SINGLE. WINTER.

This Topshop beauty ticks all my boxes right now but I missed it! Imagine that. I blogged about it and when I went back to buy it….sold out. Ah well, the hunt will continue. And the perfect pimped out fur will remain on my wishlist.

But this white Halston Heritage faux fur has caught my eye and it is on sale which is always a plus. And I love the retro glam style of Halston Heritage.

I’m completely in love with maxi skirts at the moment. I’m in San Francisco and in the past few days the weather has taken on a surprisingly spring-like sunny warm glow. I’ve been living in cashmere and merino wool jumpers and cardis and maxi skirts. This Donna Karan sequined maxi skirt, just about outshines everything else I’ve seen.

I’ve got a few friends getting married this year so I need one fabulous, versatile and hardworking dress. I’m trying to stick to my shopping philosophy of buy less and buy better. Buying better doesn’t always have to be expensive. But it does have to fit like a dream (otherwise I won’t wear it) and at the time I buy it I need to know when and where I’ll be wearing it…..otherwise I’ll probably never get round to it. I’m equally in love with both of these Topshop maxi dresses…but this time I won’t wait too long before making a choice. They’re both beautiful dresses, look as if they’d fit well, and would be super-easy to dress up or down and switch up the style with the right accessories. Speaking of which…

I’ve spoken a lot about my love of the genius that is Camilla Skovgaard. Well, I’m sure Camilla’s lovely, but I’m actually in love with the shoes she designs. The Black Saw are a style classic and I’d love to own these. They’re black so they go with absolutely everything but their edgy style makes them an absolute standout piece.

I wouldn’t be me if I stopped at one pair of shoes so I’ll share the other pair of shoes that have been getting some serious screen time. The Christian Louboutin Big Lips. The bright red. The calf hair. The ridiculously thin heel. The ridiculously high heel.

I love interesting pieces for our home. I like a good mix of warm, cosy and interesting. I’m married to an architect so sometimes it can get a little too interesting (spiky wall hanging?) and sometimes my choices can be a little too sparkly and furry for his taste (faux fur throw on the bed? I had hoped he wouldn’t notice), but somewhere in between lies our perfect balance. And pieces like this Frank Gehry Wiggle stool are the pieces that make it home.

Paxton Gate in San Francisco is one of the most weird yet wonderful shops I’ve ever seen. They had me at hello with the very real looking unicorn in the window. (How did they know I had a childhood obsession with unicorns and I was mortified to find out they weren’t real.) Every time I go in I find something amazing. Next time I’ll be taking these home with me. They might help me fulfill my 2011 ambition of better timekeeping.

A good dose of the very sparkly stuff is always going to make it onto any wishlist of mine. Barneys New York has one of the most interesting collections of jewelery out there so its one of my go-to sites when I’m in the mood for a good ogle. This rather unusual ring by Hoorsenbuhs caught my attention last time I was on their site. Black diamonds feel more understated than the classic colourless diamonds and I love the detail on this ring. I’m an enormous fan of rose gold so extra brownie points for that!

And a decadently sexy place to put all my sparkly stuff in would be fantastic. I’ve been in love with the Smythson 5 drawer jewelery chest since we met.

And that rounds up my wishlist. What a way to start the new year! Live your year in fantastically feminine glamour!

Thanks to Temi for a fantastic post! Check out her blog now!

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My Holiday Wishlist: Renae from The Bubbly Black Girl

by Jamie Sanford on December 13, 2010

Today’s guest blogger for the My Holiday Wishlist series is Renae from The Bubbly Black Girl. I’ve worked with Renae in the past and her blog is a candid and funny look at her journey through life.

I didn’t get anything for Christmas last year. Save for a grab bag from a family get together. Of course, I tried to play it off by saying that I was happy to be with my family on Christmas. But I won’t lie, I was a little jealous when I saw my sister-in-law open her jewelry set from Tiffany & Co.

I wanted my blue Tiffany & Co. box too! But what did I get? A Publix recyclable bag filled with $1 and under items. The smile said, “It’s about family and the spirit of Christmas” but on the inside, I was mad that NO ONE (mother, father, sister, brother, trifling ex) got me anything for Christmas. You may think I seem bitter (in contrast to my usual bubbly nature). But bitter is an understatement. I was upset. Because it wasn’t the only time this has happened. I haven’t gotten ANYTHING for Christmas in a long time. It’s been 3 years since the last time I counted.

So I can’t help but think, “Damn Santa, am I really that bad?!?”

This year, forget Santa and his bourgeois reindeer too! For every person I had to get a gift for, I got something for my damn self! I bought my nieces their gifts and then I went to Victoria’s Secret and got a fancy new bra ($45). Games in one hand, the sexy pink bag in the other.

I brought someone a new pair of shoes (don’t get happy, because it wasn’t you!), and turned right back around and brought myself that Sephora Makeup Kit ($48) and their $$ primer ($52) too! Do I wear make up much? Yesterday, I didn’t. But tomorrow, I will.

I have 2 more people to get stuff for, but I already matched their gifts with the things I wanted most this year, but knew the only way I’d get them was to what? Get it my damn self!

Check out Renae at her blog, The Bubbly Black Girl! There are still more instances of the “My Holiday Wishlist” series to come!

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My Holiday Wishlist: Jenny from Closet365, Part 2

by Jamie Sanford on December 10, 2010

Today’s guest blogger for the My Holiday Wishlist series is Jenny from Closet365. She has worn a different outfit every day in 2010. THIS BLOWS MY MIND as I am so lame when it comes to repeating outfits. Go check our her blog, she’s doing outfits inspired by The Nutcracker this week!

This is part 2 of Jenny’s holiday wishlist. Check out part 1 here.

Seven Swans-a-Swimming
In an ideal world, Urban Outfitters would decorate my entire home. But since they haven’t yet developed a wedding registry, I instead daydream about the day that I can toss the fine China and host dinner parties on these beauties($8). Love!

Eight Maids a-Milking
Not gonna lie. This was a hard one to gift with, but it turns out that milkmaids are actually a pretty common subject in fine art prints. This Norman Rockwell one is my favorite. Not only is it pretty and whimsical, but Norman Rockwell totally conjures up nostalgia for me. I would totally hang this fun print ($19.99) in my house as a conversation starter.

Nine Ladies Dancing
Everybody knows that the ladies love to dance. Me included. But what makes dancing extra fun, is having a great dress to wear while you do your thing. Aptly named, the “Burnin’ Up The Dance Floor Dress” ($69.99) is most certainly something I would wear while tearing it up. Look how shiny!

Ten Lords a-Leaping
Another challenge in the gifting department. What exactly is a Lord? And why are they leaping? I wasn’t sure when I went a-looking for a leaping gift. I never did find my answers, but I did find this adorable and inspirational necklace ($75). I’ll take it!

Eleven Pipers Piping
How cool is this? This pop up site, features tons of cool cards and kits to make 3-D holiday decorations easy. I wasn’t sure what a piping piper was either, but if it’s as cool as it looks, sign me up! ($3.95)

Twelve Drummers Drumming
Okay. With all this girliness afoot, one wonders where the dudes are in this song? Probably at the store. Buying all these strange gifts for their true love. But by the end of the song, doesn’t he deserve a little something too? Check out this drum kit shirt! ($29.99) It’s a drum kit and a shirt! It makes noises, people! Which means it would probably annoy the holy hell out of me. But also guarantees that a dude would love it.

Think Geek Electronic Drum Kit Shirt

Many thanks to Jenny from Closet365 for contributing 2 fabulous posts for the My Holiday Wishlist series! Click here to see all of the posts so far. Coming next week, Renae from The Bubbly Black Girl and more!

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My Holiday Wishlist: Jenny from Closet365, Part 1

by Jamie Sanford on December 9, 2010

Today’s guest blogger for the My Holiday Wishlist series is Jenny from Closet365. She has worn a different outfit every day in 2010. THIS BLOWS MY MIND as I am so lame when it comes to repeating outfits. Go check our her blog, she’s doing outfits inspired by The Nutcracker this week!

I’m splitting Jenny’s post into 2 parts – the rest will be up tomorrow!

Hi friends!

So. Usually when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I think my first response is usually: well I don’t need anything…BUT…and then I proceed to commence with what can only be described as Greedfest ‘10. See also: Greedfest ‘09, Greedfest ‘08, Greedfest ‘86 (the first year I can recall being old enough to covet.) It’s true. While my needs are rather simple, my affinity for pretty and shiny things is kinda interminable.

Therefore, it was with great pleasure that I agreed to put together a list for this blog. The problem was where on earth to start. I decided to go with a theme. I’m good with themes. They make me happy. Much like the things on this list, were they to say…magically appear under my Christmas tree this year.

I give you the 12 Days of Wishlist.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree-
You know when you want to describe an amalgam of stuff and you add as a clever addendum, the expression: “and a partridge in a pear tree”? Well that’s kind of how I feel about this bedspread ($78). But you know something? I think it works. This colorful spread would totally brighten up a room. And besides, there has got to be a partridge on there somewhere…

Two Turtle Doves –
ModCloth is cleverly calling these twin ornaments ($16.99) “Partridge in a Pine” but then why, I ask, are there two of them? I guess I don’t really care because they’re so gosh darned cute. But I’m not gonna back down. They look like turtle doves to me.

Three French Hens –
Okay, I don’t even have kids and while I’m guessing that’s the intended sentiment behind these necklaces ($70 – $79), I would still totally rock one. Uber cute and simple. Want. Want. And want.

Four Calling Birds –
Have you ever noticed how many gosh darned birds there are in this song? I didn’t. Until I tried to make a wish list based upon the verses of the song. But no matter really, because I do have a bit of a bird fetish. I love birds in my décor and jewelry. Which is why this cool little clippy device ($11.99) would be right at home by my desk.

Five Golden Rings –
Yessss. It’s my favorite part of the song. Just ask my parents. When I was a wee one, I would belt out this verse loudest of all. Waving my fingers dramatically. I guess you could say I had a thing for the bling, very early on. My favorite place to look for bling? Tiffany of course. I can’t afford one of these rings ($1800), let alone five. But it’s fun to look, no?

Six Geese a-Laying
Oy with the birds already! But again? How freaking cute is this print set. Much cuter than real geese. True story, I once lived in an apartment complex overrun by Canada geese. Geese are gross. Laying geese are even grosser. That’s why I’m trading them in for six non-descript birds a-chillin’ on a wire ($250). What? It’s my holiday wishlist. I do what I want!

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of Jenny’s 12 Days of Wishlist. In the meantime, go check out her blog.

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