Bedding by Diddy

by Jamie Sanford on October 21, 2010

Continuing with Celebrity Products Week, we have bedding from Sean John.

I guess the step from designing clothing to designing bedding isn’t a huge jump.  The clothing attracts the opposite sex, and you continue your hot Diddy style into the bedroom with your sexy sheets?

Sure, let’s go with that.

It’s not bad – I have a thing for crowns so I dig that accent pillow.

Product description:

Ever luxurious in a satin jacquard stripe, the Saville Row comforter set from Sean John makes a sophisticated statement in tones of chocolate, sky and ocean blue. For even more style, embellish the look with textured European shams, striped sheeting and decorative pillows.

The Sean John collection comes in separate pieces starting at $70, all available at Macy’s.

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