2013: The Year In Instagram (Q1)

by Jamie Sanford on December 27, 2013

Here are all of the other Instagram Roundups!

Started the year in the showroom.

I did not experiment enough with bold lipcolor in 2013.

I started the year with beauty purchases.  I may have moved on from nail polish but I probably made up for it in other stuff.

One of my favorite manicures ever.

Date night.

Had a good run with juicing…for about a week.

After my car was damaged in an accident, I needed a new bumper and had to document these amazing bumper stickers. My car was Nan’s before it was mine, and I still miss the stickers.

I got a lovely gift of Creme Delicious macarons from a publisher we work with at Noritake.

Good times on Skype.

I tried out being Batman one day at Target.

Always, ALWAYS stopping at our storage unit.

Every time, a Flatiron photo.

Had a small random run of going to estate sales. I definitely need to do this more in 2014.

Ended the quarter with a visit from Dad.

Q2 coming shortly!

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