100 Films in 2011: Pink, Funhouse Tour Live in Australia

by Jamie Sanford on March 2, 2011

Concert movies count as movies right?

The Palladia network was showing Pink’s Funhouse Tour Live in Australia and so I watched it.

Here’s the trailer for the DVD:

[youtube CVZJNA90B70]

14. Pink, Funhouse Tour Live in Australia (Not available to stream on Netflix)

I’m assuming that many people who aren’t into pop music would write Pink off as one in a group of female pop stars.  However, you don’t have to go too far beyond that to find out that she is a pretty fantastic singer and songwriter.  This show takes it to a whole new level, as you find out that she’d be just as great as a member of the circus.  Her aerial abilities are demonstrated throughout the show, and amazingly, she sings while she’s doing it all!

Here’s a video of Pink, performing “Sober” while flying around, hanging upside down, etc.  Amazing.  This is from a European stop on her tour.

[youtube 06A0wqMem6A]

So I would definitely recommend a viewing of this to anyone who wants to see a really great show.  Pink sings, has personality, dances, has personality and showcases her amazing body.  I liked her a lot before, she seemed to buck the system just enough so that she is still successful but in such a way that she still gets to be herself.

Get to watching this!

The Pink, Funhouse Tour Live in Australia DVD is available from Amazon for $25.98.

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