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by Jamie Sanford on February 29, 2016

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Wearing contact lenses, for me, is a necessary evil. Luckily, in our current time, purchasing them online is a snap. The gold standard is 1-800-contacts.com, who I’ve been purchasing from for years. I recently had my first negative product experience, where 2 brand-new lenses were scratchy in my eye when I first started using them. This obviously makes them unwearable, and I was hoping to get replacements, since they are meant to last for a month.

I did not record the transaction with screen shots, but I had a live chat with Taft from 1-800-Contacts, and he was lovely and super fast and helpful. The experience could not have been more pleasant. He stated that they have a 100% satisfaction rate on their products and that he would create the replacement order immediately, which he did.

As someone who works in and around customer service for e-commerce, I always try to contact companies online, publicly, when I get great service. I have received many nice responses from companies, but nothing as specific as this. After I posted on Twitter, I received a response with a request for the representative’s name – with indication that they want to give that person lunch! I’m so glad that my representative had a name that stood out to me (Taft!), and it was a lesson in making a note of the person who helped you.

All in all, I was so much more excited when I found out that Taft would get a free lunch because I shouted him out. It’s a simple gesture by 1-800-Contacts, but lovely. I certainly hope that in addition to lunch, that something is added to Taft’s employee file to help his case come review time.

You can see my Twitter conversation with 1-800-Contacts below.

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